Brazil tops social media game
6/14/2018 7:24:59 PM

The World Cup is mostly about Football but in the digital age, everything counts from Jerseys to Fashion and also social media followership even as Russia got off to a 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia.

If the Russian fans were unsure about whether to connect with the team, these are the moments that change the narrative but even more the flurry of activity on an opening day across the social media platforms has been top heavy with fans running their own commentary and analysis every second.

So many football fans have travelled to Russia and many more will watch on TV but so much more will follow their teams and show that in real time online and mobile.

How many actual followers do these 32 teams have on their various platforms and how much influence will this have on their experience?

Brazil topped the pre-World Cup rankings released by the German platform, Result Sports on the eve of the event followed by Germany, England and France.

Mario Leo, CEO of Result Sports told that “Social Media enables the World Cup Tournament and each participating team to reach almost two billion people. That’s how many users are monthly active on one of the many platforms! “

”The WC is scheduled as almost as an exclusive sports event, so a lot of attention is given and social media enables a virtual participation.”

“FIFA and participating teams have already identified the huge relevance of social media! So it’s going to be a global digital tournament!” Leo concluded